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Application for

Eldorado Studio Tour September 21 & 22


Fee for Applications received between April 5-26  $175

Late applications received  April 27-May 3 will be charged a $50 late fee
No applications will be accepted after May 3

Deadline drop out is May 10 with full refund less $50 late drop out fee

No Refund after drop out date after May 10.

It is important that you read the accompanying informational documents located here prior to applying for the Studio Tour as  you will be asked at the end of the application that you agree to all the Guidelines to be a participant in the Studio Tour.   



All fields with red asterisk must be completed or your application will not be processed. We recommend that you NOT use auto-fill for the fields.

Basic application fee is $175. Late application fee (April 27-May 3) is $225.  Sponsorship Opt-Out is $150.

When completed, click on Proceed to Checkout; you may pay with PayPal or credit card.

Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation receipt from EACA along with a thank you for applying.

If you do not receive these, your application was not complete.

2024 Eldorado Studio Tour Instructions and Application

EACA Studio Tour Application and Payment

Membership dues paid for 2024
Is this your first Studio Tour?
Would you like to be matched with a mentor for this year's tour?

If you are not sure if your dues are current click on the following link to be directed to the Membership Directory Page which lists all current 2024 Members membership directory page

Would you be willing to chair a committee in the future?

The Studio Tour is only successful when we have enough sponsorships to cover the costs of the tour and volunteers to help in the smooth running of the tour. There is no longer an option to opt-out of committee work. All Studio Tour participants are required to volunteer for a committee. Committee assignments will attempt to take into consideration physical ad work commitment challenges in finding a committee assignment for artists. A $200 penalty will be levied to Studio Tour Participants who do not meet their committee participation agreement and their membership will not be in good standing until the penalty fee is paid.

Committee Agreement

For more information on committees, please review the committee descriptions by clicking the the link below:

1st Committee Choice
Sponsorship Agreement
Showing at Home Address
I would like assistance arranging to SHARE MY STUDIO with another artist
Studio Tour Orientation Meeting Wed., May 1 - 6:00 PM
First Studio Tour General Participant Meeting - MANDATORY for all participants -CHOOSE ONE
Second Studio Tour General Participant Meeting - MANDATORY for all participants CHOOSE ONE
2nd Committee Choice
The Studio address noted (or home address if showing there) HAS a flag holder in place from previous years Tour
COVID Requirements
I would like assistance arranging to SHARE at ANOTHER artist's studio
How many total catalogs do you need for your own personal use and to deliver to our sponsor?
I accept the Artist Artwork Release Conditions
Payment Options - choose only one option
Thanks for registering for the Studio tour!
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