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EACA Board and By-Laws




The Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association (hereinafter referred to as EACA) shall function under the laws of the State of New Mexico and pertinent rules and regulations issued by the State.


Mission Statement:  To promote a supportive community among members; to provide ongoing educational and marketing opportunities; and to encourage connections between the EACA and the larger Eldorado and Santa Fe communities.

Vision Statement:  Artists will flourish creatively and financially.  The EACA will strengthen connections among members both personally and professionally.  There will be greater appreciation of the arts within the larger community.  The Eldorado community will benefit from EACA activities.



Membership in the EACA is open to anyone interested in the arts.  Members in good standing refer to any member who is current on their annual membership dues.



The EACA Board shall consist of elected Executive Board Officers and appointed Committee Chairs.  EACA Board members shall receive no salary and must be members in good standing.good standing.

4.1 Executive Officers

The elected members shall be known as the Executive Board Officers and shall be designated as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Coordinator.  Elected Board Officers shall serve for a period of one year. 

A. The President shall appoint a nominating committee for Board Candidates.

B. Executive Officers shall be elected annually by electronic voting.


C. The President shall preside at EACA Board Meetings and general meetings, recruit and appoint new Committee Chairs as needed to be approved by the EACA Executive Board.  The President shall oversee all activities of the association.  If a Committee Chair is unable to serve their full term, the President will appoint a replacement

D. The Vice President shall assist the President and preside at the board meetings and general meetings if the President is not in attendance.  The Vice President shall be responsible for developing the program topics presented in the quarterly General Membership meetings.  The Vice President will also develop and assist in special projects as assigned by the President.


E. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the EACA Board Meetings and the General Membership Meetings.

F. The Treasurer shall receive, disburse, and manage monies for the EACA and serve as the financial officer for all EACA events.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing the annual EACA budget and preparing and presenting the annual financial report. All budgets are to be approved by the Executive Board.


G. The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for all official distribution of communications to the general membership and will maintain the membership mailing lists.  The Communications Coordinator shall support all EACA activities and coordinate other communication related to the EACA Newsletter, the EACA Facebook page, the EACA Instagram account, and the EACA Youtube channel

4.2 Committee Chairs

The President may create new committees and appoint chairs as needed.  The Committee Chairs include but are not limited to, the Eldorado Studio Tour, the EACA Art Shows, Shop Talk, and Membership Chair.  All Chair appointments shall be approved by the Executive Board.



5.1 General Membership Meetings.

General Membership meetings shall be held quarterly. The Board may decide to forgo a meeting from time to time.

5.2 Board Meetings

Board meetings occur monthly. Each Executive Board member shall have one vote and each Committee Chair shall have one vote. Board members may vote by being at the meeting in person, by Zoom, by text or email.

For a motion to pass, it must be approved by a quorum of the Board. A quorum is defined as one-half plus one of the current voting members of the board.

Any member may attend and observe Board meetings. Comments may be offered at the conclusion of the meeting's business and will be reflected in the meeting minutes.

A. On voting matters, each Executive Officer in attendance gets one vote and each Committee of the Board gets one vote. If there are multiple Committee Chairs for the same Committee in attendance, there will be just one vote that counts for that Committee.

5.3 Social Events or Activities

All social events and/or activities shall be scheduled by the Executive Board as deemed appropriate.




Annual dues shall be paid by members prior to their participation in any EACA events and activities unless otherwise stated.


Any change in dues must be approved by a majority of those voting in an electronic ballot.

6.01 Membership Year

Membership year is from is January 1 through December 31 of the calendar year.

6.02 Membership Renewals

Membership renewals and new member applications are accepted throughout the year, however members submitting renewal applications are strongly encouraged do so between January 1 –January 31 of the year.



The EACA fiscal year is January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year. The EAA Executive Board is authorized to select such bank or depositories as it shall deem proper for EACA funds. The Executive Board shall determine who, if anyone, in addition to the President, Vice President, Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks, drafts, or other order of payment or money, notes or other evident of indebtedness; and, to enter into contracts.


8.1 Personal Liability:

No Board member or active or inactive member shall be held personally liable of any debts of the EACA.

8.2 Member Benefits: 

Members in good standing shall be able to participate in EACA sponsored meetings, events, and activities. Members swill also be able to vote for Executive Officers and other EACA matters as appropriate; and, advertise one's art via the EACA Newsletter, Facebook page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel. In addition, members will be the recipients of EACA related emails and information


8.3 Eldorado Studio Tour and EACA Art Shows: 

Members in good standing who live in the geographical area accessed by the three major entrances (Avenidas Amistad, Vista Grande, and Eldorado) will be eligible to participate. Members must complete the appropriate application and submit the required fees by the deadlines established. In addition, members may show and sell only their own creations.

8.4 Amendments / Revisions: 

Amendments and/or revisions to the By-Laws shall be offered by the Board and reviewed by the EACA general membership. Ratification of any amendments to the By-Laws will be through electronic voting by the membership and determined by a majority of those voting.

8.5 Safety:

Weapons, alcohol, and illegal drugs are prohibited from any EACA event.




If for any reason, the association shall cease to exist or function, all remaining funs shall be donated to a non-profit organization. The members will be invited to suggest such organizations as potential beneficiaries and the decision shall  be made by a majority of those members voting in an electronic voting process.

2024 Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes



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