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About Us

Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association (EACA) was formed to support local artists in the Eldorado Area to provide a forum for the Artists to share ideas, expand their knowledge, build relationships with other artists, and promote the arts in the community. The Program Service accomplishments of EACA are the following: Coordinating three arts shows a year - Spring Show, Winter Show and the Studio tour. EACA also coordinates free, casual, art presentation and art tours for its member artists in and around Santa Fe.

All activities are funded primarily by artist entry fees, with additional support from annual membership fees and sponsor donations. Artists are encouraged to voluntarily donate a maximum of 5% of their gross sales. EACA collects those funds and administers them, distributing them to Eldorado Non-Profits. EACA is a a 501(c) (4) educational tax-exempt organization.


The EACA Executive Board has 5 executive members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Director and holds monthly board meetings. Click on this link to see view By-Laws, Agendas  and Minutes of Board meetings.

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