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Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association Shop Talks

“Off To Market We Go”. Getting your art 
“show ready” including labeling,  framing, booth design, display ideas, using archival materials, etc.
Zoom meeting held March 15, 2023

Harn Soper's Shop Talk video held February 22, 2022 via Zoom

When Harn Soper made the transition from a successful music career  to metal artist, it seemed like a natural ebb and flow to his life. His passion for hiking Northern New Mexico and encountering petroglyphs just seemed to turn on a new switch for him – one that would result in a new creative outlet. "It all starts with these amazing images – in some cases over 1000 years old," he said in a recent interview. "And, they are all over New Mexico. You can only imagine what the artists were thinking. It's a beautiful mystery to me."


 Armed with indelible pictures, Harn decided to (try to) capture the feeling behind the images and was drawn to do so with metal. "Steel is something as permanent as the rock art itself," he explained. "It deserves some way to honor it in a permanent way and steel is a good way to do it.  I could also buy a lot of cool new equipment," he added, laughing.

See Andrea Sharon's Shop Talk held on Zoom Wednesday, November 18th, 2021

Join us for the EACA November's Shop Talk with photographer and mixed media artist Andrea J. Sharon about creating her one-of-a kind encaustic photographic art pieces. Andrea will discuss the 3,000 year old history of the process, various techniques to use wax and resin, and demonstrate the many steps in creating her art.​ We had 18 participants and the subject of Archival Photo Encaustics was fascinating!

Thank you Andrea and Nina for hosting our very first Zoom Shop Talk. A great success!


Now that we have had a successful Virtual Shop Talk how about YOU doing the next one? Please contact Nina or Andrea for scheduling details. The next Shop Talk will be in January, 2021.​ See the YouTube 48 minute video by clicking on this link


Cameron Teller's Shop Talk Event - September 2019

September’s Shop Talk featured Cameron Teller, who is a photographer and platinum/palladium printer. This printing technique dates back to the early days of photography in the early1800s. Cameron demonstrated the process during the talk with eight EACA members gathered around the table with “oohs” and “ahhs” resounding throughout the room as he dipped the sun-exposed paper into the developer; magically revealing a rich black and white image with many shades of grey! Cameron is new to Eldorado and participated in this year’s studio tour for the first time. He is a geologist, collector, and avid world traveler.


He states, “I strive to make prints that, while accurate depictions of nature, seem to somehow transcend reality. I hope that one of these handmade prints will evoke a memory, or a dream, of your own journey that you will treasure forever.” ​The morning was both educational AND enjoyable! For more info, visit:


The following are some photos taken at the recent Shop Talk:

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