How does a Virtual Studio Tour work?

  • Visitors will go to our EACA website,

  • There they will click on the Virtual Studio Tour Section. 

  • A Virtual Brochure will open up, which will look as much as possible like our traditional printed brochure in terms of graphics and format.

  • As the visitor browses through the virtual brochure, they will see a photo of each artist's work with the name of the artist and a link to the artist's website/online store.

  • They can click on the link and are taken directly to the artist's website.

  • Customers buy directly from you on your website and you arrange pick-up/delivery/shipping.

  • The EACA website and board members are not involved at all in actual sales and payments.

Advantages of a Virtual Tour:

  • There is no geographical limit to our customer base. Family, friends, and past customers can buy from you even though they live elsewhere. In fact, we will be expanding our advertising and social media reach to our region and even nationally.

  • We will maintain our presence in the arts and crafts community We have such a long and successful history with our studio tour that we don't want to lose momentum.

  • Artists have total control and freedom to design your website. You might want to include an artist's statement, photos of yourself and your studio, even videos.

  • Much of our committee work will be unnecessaryWe will not have a Preview Gallery, nor a printed brochure or map, nor need for signs and banners. Our focus will be on advertising and distribution. So most artists will not have to put in significant time to committee work, nor to preparing their studio for visitors.

  • Artists have the choice to invite customers to visit by appointment. You can indicate on your website for in-studio visits and how to make those arrangements.

  • You will have a functioning retail website! Many of you already have working websites and do business there.  Others may have websites with artist infonrmatio, but have not expanded into actual sales. Yet others have no website at all but would like to set one up. For those who need help with a website, we'll provide some resource information.


Challenges of a Virtual Tour:

  • We will be missing the fun and camaraderie of the Preview Gallery Opening, committee work, artists sharing our studios, and seeing customers in person.

  • Artists will have to photograph and list on their website each item for sale. Most websites automatically remove or list as sold any item that sells, but the artist needs to check frequently to see that all the items on view are actually available.

  • Artists will be responsible for packing and shipping sold items. With local customers, pick-up or delivery might be an option. (Maybe we can make up for the lost camaraderie of the Gallery opening as we stand in line at the mail shop!)

  • Artists who are new to having a website might be reluctant to do it because it can seem intimidating. There are many sources on the internet that make it as easy as possible. We will also be asking members if they might volunteer to help other members with setting up a website. We'll be informing artists in need of those resources.


Registration Costs, and Budget:

  • The calendar for registration for the Virtual Tour will be similar to last year's. We'll begin December 1, which allows you to approach your sponsors for donations before the end of their financial year.

  • Registration will be done online only. Final date for registering will be January 15. Applications received after January 15, if we are able to accept them, will be assessed a late fee of $50.00.

  • The entry fee for participation will be $110.00 per artist  (compared to $125.00 last year). We will need to hire a webmaster to design and implement our online brochure and linkages. Other than that, advertising will be our major expense. We won't be printing and mailing the multi-page brochure, but we will balance that by expanding the scope of our other advertising formats.

  • Artists will still be expected to solicit a minimum of $100.00 from sponsors. As before, you can opt out by paying a $100.00 sponsor opt-out fee. Sponsors will be receiving the same exposure they've had in the past, both in our virtual brochure and other advertising.

  • We will need a minimum of 60 artists in order to produce a Virtual tour. If we can't reach that number of participants we will cancel and return both sponsor donations and artist registration fee.

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