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See Cameron Teller's Shop Talk Event - September 2019

September’s Shop Talk featured Cameron Teller, who is a photographer and platinum/palladium printer. This printing technique dates back to the early days of photography in the early1800s. Cameron demonstrated the process during the talk with eight EACA members gathered around the table with “oohs” and “ahhs” resounding throughout the room as he dipped the sun-exposed paper into the developer; magically revealing a rich black and white image with many shades of grey! Cameron is new to Eldorado and participated in this year’s studio tour for the first time. He is a geologist, collector, and avid world traveler.

He states, “I strive to make prints that, while accurate depictions of nature, seem to somehow transcend reality. I hope that one of these handmade prints will evoke a memory, or a dream, of your own journey that you will treasure forever.”

The morning was both educational AND enjoyable! For more info, visit: camteller.com

The following are some photos taken at the recent Shop Talk:

7 Ave. Vista Grande

Suite B-7, PMB # 261

Santa Fe, NM 87508

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