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    • First National Bank Exhibit

      EACA Member Marlene Barnes has her Altered Visions photography on exhibit at the First National Bank in Eldorado at Santa Fe. The Exhibit extends until February 24th. Stop by and enjoy her wonderful images!

    • EACA Shop Talk November 2020

      EACA Artist Andrea Sharon presented a Zoom demonstration of her encaustic art in November 2020 as a part of our Shop Talk Series. Andrea is a photographer and mixed media artist and creates one-of-a kind encaustic photographic art pieces. Andrea discussed the 3,000 year old history of the process, various techniques used via wax and resin, and demonstrated the many steps in creating her art. You can watch the YouTube video of the presentation on the Member Activities sub page of Shop Talk Presentations:

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    • This page under construction -DO NOT USE | Eldorado Arts

      DO NOT APPLY FOR STUDIO TOUR AT THIS TIME. THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2021 Studio Tour Application Tour Dates October 23-24, 2021 *Application Deadline is June 25, 2021. d* Only online applications will be accepte A $50 penalty will automatically be charged to any artist whose application is submitted between 26 and July 2, 2021 (last date accepted). ​ Image Submission Deadline is July 9, 2021 Please follow . instructions Please complete this form, click on the SUBMIT button and you will be re-directed to PayPal for online payment of the Studio Tour cost. If opting out of Committee work and/or Sponsorship you will need to click on the links for those payments and come back to this page to complete your Studio Tour application.You CAN use your credit card and do not need a PayPal account to pay. You will receive a PDF of your Application and an email receipt from PayPal confirming your payment to the Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association. ​ If you do not complete your PayPal transaction, your Application will not be processed. If you do not receive a confirmation receipt from PayPal, your transaction was not complete. Click on the links for detailed instructions and supporting sponsor forms. To print forms choose Print from your browser Print dialog option when on the specific form. ​ Studio tour instructions and participation parameter Image and text submission guidelines Sponsorship guidelines Tour sponsorship benefit levels Sponsor Contribution form Reserved Sponsor/Artists from the previous year ​ EACA Studio Tour Application Fee Structure ​ Studio Tour $125 Sponsor Opt-Out $100 Committee Opt-Out $100 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ *NOTE* The addition of the opt-outs are NOT automatically added at check out with the Studio Tour Application. If opting out of either/both the Sponsorship or Committee you will need to click on the links for those items to be taken to the the payment submission forms for either or both based on your decisions. You will need to return to this page to complete your application. ​ ​ First Name Last Name Email Street Address Confirm Email City State Zip Enter the phone number at which we can contact you during the studio Tour weekend. Website (for promotional publication) if desired. -COMMITTEE AGREEMENT- By Selecting YES, work for the Studio Tour I commit to 8 hours of committee If NO is selected a $100 Opt-Out Fee will be will be charged by clicking on the link below associated to the NO option. Committee Participation Agreement Yes No Committee Opt-Out Payment Form Ist Committee Choice ANY as needed Distribution Flags & Banners Gallery Sitters New Participant Mentor Preview Gallery Publicity Signs/Directional Signs/Numbers Website Data Entry 2nd Committee Choice ANY as needed Distribution Flags & Banners Gallery Sitters New Participant Mentor Preview Gallery Publicity Signs/Directional Signs/Numbers Website Data Entry -SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT- By Selecting YES, I agree to solicit a minimum of $100 in sponsorships per Studio Tour Instructions. If NO is selected a $100 Opt-Out Fee will be will be charged by clicking on the link below. Sponsorship Agreement Yes No - I will cover the cost of Sponsorship Sponsor Opt-Out Payment Submission I would like assistance arranging to SHARE at ANOTHER artist's studio YES NO SEPARATELY, list the name(s) of artist(s) with whom you already plan to share at the studio address below. whether yours or theirs. ADD ROWS AS NEEDED Name(s) of Artist(s) Sharing Studio I would like assistance arranging to SHARE MY STUDIO with another artist YES NO Enter the Address, yours or another artist's (if you know in advance), at which you will be showing. Select YES for 'I would like assistance to SHARE at ANOTHER artist's studio' (above) Other Studio Address I will be showing at Showing at Home Address The Studio address noted (or home address if showing there) HAS a flag holder in place from previous years' Tour. Select YES or NO. If unknown, select NO Flag Holder YES NO I accept terms & conditions EACA Studio Tour Instructions & Parameters Proceed to Checkout Thanks for joining the Tour!

    • Studio Tour Sponsorship befefit levels | Eldorado Arts

      29th Eldorado Studio Tour Sponsorship Benefit Levels Presented by Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association - a 501(c) (4) educational non-profit organization Underwriters ($1000 and above) ​ Brochure: Logo of company or individual prominent on back cover of brochure Select Print Advertising: Name of the company or individual listed Website: Name of company or individual, contact information, and link to your website or e-mail address Preview Gallery: Exclusive Underwriter Banner prominent at entrance with your logo, and opportunity to display promotional materials in Gallery throughout the Tour weekend ​ Platinum ($500 - $999) ​ Brochure: Name of company or individual, larger typeface in prime location Website: Name of company or individual, contact information, and link to your website or e-mail address Preview Gallery: Opportunity to display promotional materials in Gallery throughout the Tour weekend ​ Gold ($250 - $499) ​ Brochure: Name of company or individual Website: Name of company or individual, contact information, and link to your website or e-mail address ​ Silver ($100 - $249) ​ Brochure: Name of company or individual Website: Name of company or individual, and link to your website or e-mail address ​ Bronze ($50 - $99) ​ Brochure and Tour website: Name of company or individual ​ ALL SPONSORS WILL HAVE THEIR NAMES LISTED BY LEVELS ON A DONOR BOARD AT THE PREVIEW GALLERY.

    • Sponsorship Guidlines | Eldorado Arts

      Sponsor Guidelines ​ Here are the guidelines for acquiring sponsors. Please read carefully even if you have done it before. , you will automatically be assigned to the same sponsors you had last year. If there are sponsors with your name attached to them from last year that you do not plan on approaching this year, please let us know ASAP and we will allow other studio tour participants to approach them. Refer to the attached 2019 Sponsors list for assignments. If you are planning to participate in the Tour this year, and you participated last year ​ If you participated in the Tour last year . Otherwise, these sponsors will be made available to other artists . You must inform us about each sponsor prior to January 27. but will not be participating this year and you want to keep your sponsors for the following year, you are responsible for contacting and obtaining those sponsors for this year AS OF JANUARY 27 ​ ? Ask people you know or those you do business with: your doctor, your dentist, your hairdresser or Zumba teacher, your favorite local businesses. Don’t forget your attorney, the person who does your taxes, or your favorite restaurant or gym. Next think about who would be a good match for Eldorado. Consider businesses that market or should market to residents of Eldorado. Who should you ask to be a sponsor Participating artists may self-sponsor their own art business for the Brochure listing for an additional $100 fee beyond the Sponsorship Committment. ​ Then, after you have thought about who you want to contact, . We cannot stress this enough. Please be respectful to your fellow artists. Many artists have long-standing relationships with their sponsors. If you obtain a sponsorship from a person or business allocated to another artist, that original artist will get credit for the sponsorship. When in doubt, contact the Sponsorship Committee co-chair: Chuck Boxwell at . . Keep in mind that even if a business is not on the list they may have already been newly solicited by another artist, so be respectful. CHECK THE TO SEE IF THAT PERSON OR BUSINESS IS ALREADY A SPONSOR AND HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO ANOTHER ELDORADO ARTIST 2019 SPONSORS LIST If a business is not on the sponsorship list, it is considered available to any artist ​ Call or visit the business. You might also have success emailing someone who knows you and attaching the Sponsor Benefits and Contribution Packet. Tell them you think their sponsorship would be a good match for their marketing efforts and supports the Studio Tour’s advertising throughout Eldorado and Santa Fe. Talking points: OK, you have a business in mind. What’s next? Ours is the largest studio tour in the state of New Mexico 100 + artists at over 75 studios open during studio weekend (May 16-17, 2020) 15,000+ brochures distributed throughout the Santa Fe metropolitan area with sponsors listed in brochure according to Sponsorship Levels. Exposure for businesses on our website listed by Sponsorship Levels Sponsorships are tax deductible marketing expenses for a business EACA and artists in the Studio Tour support local non-profit organizations ​ Review the sponsorship levels and the associated benefits, and ask them if you can leave information for them to review if no decision is made immediately. ​ ( and – print in color if possible) to show and share. You should ideally drop off the information in person with the possibility you can review it with them at that time. You can also ask for an appointment to go over the information with them. Request as high a level of sponsorship that you think a prospect may be willing to buy into. You can always accept a lesser amount if that’s what they’re comfortable with. If it’s a previous sponsor ask if they’ll step up to a higher level. (The Underwriter deadline is February 1. If you achieve this please contact one of the Sponsorship Committee Chairs immediately so this can be tracked. There is a select limit of Underwriter spots.) Print out and carry with you copies of the Sponsorship Packet Sponsorship Benefit Levels Contribution Form Any artist may also solicit their sponsor to be an Underwriter! ​ Do not allow too much time to pass before you contact the business again to ask if they are willing to be a sponsor. We recommend no longer than 2 weeks, otherwise they forget about it. Remember the worst they can do is say “no.” It doesn’t hurt! If they agree, make arrangements to Follow-up! pick up the completed form and their check made out to EACA. ​ Do not trust that they will mail in a check! They sometimes don’t! You will be contacted by the Sponsorship Committee once we receive and log in your sponsorship and check amount. ​ Within 2 weeks of receiving a check, mail a thank you letter to your sponsor and invite them to join you at the Preview Gallery on Friday, May 15, at the Eldorado Community Center. ​ Some businesses may suggest making an in- kind sponsorship in lieu of cash, such as products or gift certificates. This has created some confusion and perceived inequity in the past and will be accepted in 2020 only under certain conditions: as something we can productively use at the value declared by the sponsor. IMPORTANT POLICY FOR IN-KIND DONATIONS: the in-kind item must be approved in advance of acceptance by the Studio Tour Chair ​ Once you have a commitment for a sponsor, be sure to get the check and fill out the form or have them fill out the form. It is best to staple both the business card of the sponsor and your business card to the form. That way, we have all the correct information we need to recognize the sponsor and make sure you get the credit you deserve. Attaching printed business cards helps to eliminate mistakes from handwritten information on the form. We do not include sponsor logos or benefits other than those stated! How do I complete the sponsorship form? ​ When you have the completed form and the check made out to EACA, mail the form and check to the following address: ​ EACA – C/O Treasurer 7 Avenida Vista Grande Suite B-7, PMB #261 Santa Fe, NM 87508 ​ . If you are stuck or have further questions, feel free to contact Chuck Boxwell

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7 Ave. Vista Grande

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