2020 Eldorado Studio Tour - May 16 & 17, 2020

Instructions and Participation Parameters

Be sure to read all the information carefully, as deadlines and penalties apply

The Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association (EACA) is proud to announce the 29th Annual Eldorado Studio Tour, to be held May 16 and 17, 2020. Following are the participation parameters and Application instructions Also included are Image Submission Guidelines and Sponsorship Guidelines. We hope you'll join us!

Studio Tour Organizational Chair:              Evie Gauthier     eldoradostudiotour@gmail.com                 

Studio Tour Brochure Chair:                        TBD

Studio Tour Publicity Chair:                         TBD

Studio tour Subcommittee Coordinator:   TBD

Studio Tour Communications email :                                     eldoradostudiotour@gmail.com       




Tour Applications will only be accepted online this year online submission form

The Preview Gallery will be at the Eldorado Community Center. Artwork will be displayed in the Classroom, Foyer and Railroad Room. We are not able to know in advance where individual pieces will be please, as many factors come into consideration in a gallery setup.


Our organization meetings will still be held at the Max Coll Center, as noted below.



Studio Tour Participation is open only to members of the EACA. Also, to participate in the Tour you must live within (as well as show for the Tour in a studio/home within) one of the subdivisions in the Eldorado area with access from one of the three major entrances on the west side of US 285. Each artist may show and sell only their own work during the Tour and are expected to be present in their studios during theTour. Collaborative artist may participate as a single entrant. All studios are required to remain enduring the Tour hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM both days, rain or shine.

All communications regarding the Tour will be done electronically. All participants must have an email address to receive communications. Please print out information as needed.


All NEW participants must attend and INTRODUCTORY ORIENTATION MEETING to be held in the meeting room at the Vista Grande Public Library on Monday, FEBRUARTY 3 at 6:30 PM.

ALL PARTICIPANTS must attend one planning meeting at The Max Coll Community Center (adjacent to the Eldorado Senior Center) on Wednesday, FEBRUARY 5 at 6:30 PM.

All NEW Participants must attend a FOLLOWUP INFORMATION MEETING at the The Max Coll Community Center Thursday APRIL 23 AT 6:30 PM.

TIMELINE: Important Dates and Times for the Tour

January 15               Applications and entry fees due. (Only online applications accepted)

January 21               Last date for late applications (with penalty). None accepted after this date!

January 27               Images for brochure and website due. See IMAGE REQUEST FORM.

February 3               New Participants orientation meeting at Vista Grande Public Library. (6:30 PM)

February 5               First Tour Planning meeting at Max Coll Community Center. (6:30 PM)

February 5               FINAL dropout date for refund (with penalty).

March 2                   Sponsorship listings and monies due. See SPONSORSHIP FORM/GUIDELINES. 

April 23                    Second Tour meeting for New Participants at Max Coll Center. (6:30 PM)

                                 All artists pick up brochures & postcards, 6:30-7pm

May 14 – Thurs.     Drop off artwork for Preview Gallery; Pick up flags and signs. (4:00 - 6:00 PM)

May 15 – Fri.          Gallery Opening at Eldorado Community Center. (5:00 - 8:00 PM)

May 16 & 17           Studio Tour 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

May 18 – Mon.       Pick up artwork; Return flags & signs; Bring contribution check. (8:00 - 10:00 AM)



We are maintaining reduced artist costs for this year’s Tour! Eldorado Studio Tour costs are modest because we all willingly share in the considerable effort it takes to produce a Studio Tour this large and successful. However, we still offer all participants a choice to commit to their fair share of the work or, if either unwilling or unable to do that, to pay additional fees to opt out of the work. NOTE: All fees and penalties must be fully paid by May 14. If an artist has any outstanding fees or penalties their artwork will not be shown in the Preview Gallery.


Your 2021 EACA Annual Membership MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Memberships paid after November 1, 2020 are valid through 2021.



Tour Application Fee                                      $ 125

Late Application Penalty (After Jan. 22)      $ 50

ANY  other missed deadline Penalty            $ 25       - eg. Graphics dealing, Art drop-off, etc.

Dropout with Penalty (until Feb. 5)             $ 50       - Balance of fees returned


Sponsorship monies are used to pay most advertising costs for the Tour. It’s critical that all participants solicit as much sponsorship income as possible beyond the minimum, since the more advertising we can do the more visitors/potential customers we have for the tour. This also helps us keep the individual fees down. Each artist is expected to raise at least $100 from businesses other than their own art business. Participating artists who also wish to self-sponsor must pay an additional $100 fee beyond the minimum Sponsorship Committment. See SPONSORSHIP GUIDELINES for additional details.


Artists may choose not to solicit sponsorships by opting out and paying an additional fee, equivalent to the minimum sponsorship commitment, in addition to Tour Participation Costs. Artists who collect only a portion of the minimum sponsorship will need to pay the balance up to the opt-out fee ($100) by March 2, and any sponsorships unpaid by March 2 will not be listed in the brochure as a sponsor.

Sponsorship Minimum Commitment       $ 100

OR  Sponsorship Opt-Out Fee                   $ 100


Thank you to all the artists who have already volunteered their time to be Committee Chairpersons.

All Tour participants must serve on a committee and actively participate by donating up to 8 hours to your assigned committee, though one may choose to opt out by paying an additional fee. Make a first and second choice (on the application) from the list below that best suits your qualifications (see “Members needed” committees). Depending on committee needs you may or may not be assigned as requested, but be prepared to do your share in fairness to others! All artists will be evaluated by their Committee Chairs and those that do not participate adequately will be asked to pay the Opt-Out fee in the future.

Committee Opt-Out Fee                             $ 100

COMMITTEES                                                                                                    CHAIRS

  • Artist-to-Artist Tour (No additional members needed                    Marna Zanoff

  • Brochure Committee (Members Needed)                                       Chair needed

    • Contract Graphic designer and Publicity Consultant as needed, coordinate art images and text submission, orchestrate creation of map, adhere to schedule for production and printing, report to EACA board president ​

  • Distribution (Members needed)                                                       Jill Moody-Pellegrino, Co-Chair Needed

    • Distributes all printed promotional material to local and surrounding businesses.​

  • Finance (No members needed)                                                          Nan Patmont

  • Flags & Banners (Members needed)                                                    John Segell

    • Places flags and banners at major intersections and distributes flags to artists

  • Gallery Associates (No additional members needed)                      Joey Serim & Shelly Moore

    • Schedules gallery sitters for Tour weekend (non tour participants)​

  • New Participants                                                                                  Susan Williams

    • Orients and provides guidance to new Tour Participants​

  • Preview Gallery (Members needed)                                                  Donna Boggins & Zina Hogan

    • Organizes drop off and pick up of artwork; sets up and takes down Preview Gallery.​

  • Publicity Committee (Members needed)                                         Chair needed

    • Works with Communications coordinator, print ad, radio and TV advertisers, manage social media posts, creates sponsor poster. Oversees Studio Tour info on website​, direct mail (mail chimp)eBlasts

      • Volunteers should be skilled in at least one of the following areas:​

      1. ​Software and/or internet skills including WIX website edits and maintenance or Photoshop​

      2. Communications skills including writing, editing and excellent phone etiquette

      3. Social media and online calendar submissions

  • Reception (Members needed)                                                             Karen Murry & ​Toby Quinley

    • Organizes the Preview Gallery reception and arranges for the refreshments.​

  • Signs/Directional (Members needed)                                                   Tom Leech & Kathleen Koltes

    • Organizes and places signs at intersections for Tour weekend​

  • Signs/Numbers (Members needed)                                               Deborah Klezmer & Sharon Brush

    • Organizes and distributes studio numbers, and signs directing visitors to Preview Gallery​

  • Sponsors (No additional members needed)                                       Chuck Boxwell & Kimberly Gray

  • Underwriters (No additional members needed)                                Heidi Vogel

    • Major solicitation - Selling skills, targeting underwriters; spreadsheet data entry.​


Generally, artists who share spaces have higher sales. Also, studios near main roads see more visitors than outlying studios. If you would like to share your space or join someone else, the Tour Chair can assist with “matching up” artists. We encourage New Participants to share with an experienced Tour artist. If you already know which other artist(s) you will share with, please indicate on the application the name of the artist(s) and the address where you will be showing.

There are always more artists willing to share their studios than those willing to show elsewhere. CONSIDER THIS – IF YOU ARE WILLING TO GO TO SOMEONE ELSE’S HOME OR STUDIO, WE CAN DO A MUCH BETTER JOB OF MATCHING YOU WITH ANOTHER ARTIST.


The Preview Gallery provides an opportunity for Tour visitors to see a representative example of each artist’s work (limited to one genre) during the weekend of the open studios. The Preview Gallery for 2020 will be at the Eldorado Community Center (Classroom, Foyer and Railroad Room). It will be open for a Friday night reception, May 15, and the Tour weekend, May 16 and 17. Many visitors choose which Studios to visit based on the Preview Gallery selections. Put your best work forward! The artwork for the Preview Gallery is due on Thursday, May 14, between 4:00 and 6:00 PM at the Eldorado Community Center. This will also be the time to pick up flags and signs for your studios.


We assign a Mentor to new participants.  The Mentor will be responsible for attending and relaying information from a meeting to you if you are unable to attend. For first time participants, your Mentor with previous Tour experience will be a helpful resource.


The EACA has a philosophy of giving back to the community that nurtures us. Consequently we’ve established a Studio Tour tradition of collecting a donation of 5% of each artist’s total Tour sales (up to $75 maximum) to be contributed to local community organizations. Artists with sales below $100 need not feel obligated to make a donation. Community organizations to receive donations will be named at the first Tour Planning meeting on February 5.


The fees to participate in the Eldorado Studio Tour for 2020 are:

Tour Application Fee                                                                                  $125        
+ $100 to include Tour and “Sponsorship opt-out”              
Total due $225

+ $100 to include Tour and “Committee opt-out”                Total due $225

+ $200 to include Tour and both “opt-outs”                          Total due $325


You must renew your EACA membership separately online if you wish to participate in the Tour. If you paid membership dues in November or December of 2019, it covers 2020. All members receive an email invitation/reminder to renew their membership at the beginning of each year. Applications for membership are available here.


You'll receive an emailed RECEIPT FOR YOUR PAYMENT.

Applications and entry feed are due by January 15.

Late Applications accepted only until January 21 ($50 penalty applies)

Final drop out date is February 5. No refunds will be issued after that date.

Only online Applications will be accepted. If you must mail at any time our address is:


7 Ave. Vista Grande Suite B-7 PMB #261

Santa Fe, NM 87508



7 Ave. Vista Grande

Suite B-7, PMB # 261

Santa Fe, NM 87508

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