Information and Application Instructions
2021 Eldorado Studio Tour - October, 23-24 2021

Be sure to read all the information carefully, as deadlines and penalties apply



Our Studio Tour is the largest in the state of New Mexico. In recent years we have had more than 100 artists participate. It is an exciting weekend, attracting several thousand visitors, and providing sales which support both the artists and, through our voluntary contributions, community activities and groups within Eldorado.

COVID made it necessary to cancel our annual studio tour in 2020. The Board, working with results of surveying our members, decided to reschedule this year’s studio tour from its usual May date to the fall. We checked the dates of other studio tours and events in the area and found that the October 23-24 weekend was the best choice for us. Perhaps in 2022 we can return to our spring weekend.


In order to show in our Studio Tour, an artist must be a member of the EACA, with dues currently paid. If you paid your membership fee online anytime since November, 2020, you are up to date. If not, you need first go online and pay your membership fee of $25.00.

Artist must reside in, and show their work in studios located within the Eldorado community. This is defined as the area which is directly access by any of the three main entrances into Eldorado from 285 (Avenida Amisatad, Aveida Vista Grande, and Avenida Eldorado).

All communications and applications for the tour are done online. Participating artists need to be able and willing to access materials via a computer.

Artists must show their own work and be present in the studio for the tour hours 10 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday. Having multiple artists share studio space for the tour is encouraged. This often increases traffic and sales.


First time participants, or those returning after and absence who wish some help, will be matched with mentors. You'll be contacted by your mentor soon after the close of the application period. That person will be available to help with questions and information as your prepare for the tour.

We also have a special orientation meeting for new artists during the week of July 12-16. This is held at the Library meeting room. The date and time will be announced when we get it clarified.


Application Dates

The tour application is available on the website as of June 4. Applications and fees are due no later than June 25. Applications received between June 25 and July 2 will be charged a $50 late fee. No applications will be accepted after July 2.

If you have registered for the tour but wish to later withdraw, you will receive your full refund if you withdraw before June 25. If you drop out between June 25 and July 16, you will be issued a refund minus a $50 penalty. Drop-outs after July 16 will receive no refund.

Studio Location

You will be asked to list the address of where you will be showing your art. This may be your own address or that of another artist. If you would like to be matched with another artist’s studio, there is an opportunity for you to say that on the application form. We will then help you find a suitable match.

Committee Membership

You will also be asked to list your preferences for committee work. Each artist is expected to contribute about 8 hours of work on one of the tour committees. This allows us to keep our costs down. A list of committees, their functions, and whether members are needed is available at the end of this document.

We do ask for feedback from committee chairs as to whether or not you have completed your share of work. If you have not, you may be required to pay the committee opt-out fee in the future.

You may choose to opt-out of committee work on the application; this will add a $100 fee to your total.

Flag Holder

There is a question on the application asking whether you have a flag holder in place at your studio or not. This refers to the large flag/ banner that we install at each studio site for the tour. If you are showing at a studio (whether your own or another artist’s) which does not yet have a flag holder, the Flags and Banners committee will arrange to put one in prior to the tour.

Regarding COVID restrictions

The EACA will comply with any state/city guidelines regarding COVID during the Studio Tour. If individual artists want to maintain specific requirements for visitors to their studios, we will assist in the following ways:

- If you want to require masks, we can put a mask symbol next to your studio photos in the brochure.

- If you want to require proof of vaccination, we can also put a symbol next to your brochure photos.

- We may also be able to provide signage for the exterior of your studio.

- If you are sharing a studio with other artists, you should all agree on the same requirements.

Completed applications

When you have completed the application and paid your fees, you will be emailed a receipt.


Tour Application                                    $ 125

Committee Opt-Out                                  $ 100

Sponsor Opt-Out                                  $ 100

Late Application Fee                             $  50  

Finding Sponsors

Sponsorship by local businesses is a major source of our funding. These funds cover most of our advertising costs. Each participating artist is expected to bring in a minimum of $100 from sponsors, but are encouraged to bring in more than that if possible.

Artists who wish to self-sponsor must pay an additional $100 fee beyond the minimum sponsorship commitment.

A list of past sponsors who are “taken” by other EACA members is included in the Sponsorship Guidelines section. Please do not approach potential sponsors who are already committed to another artist. The guidelines include suggestions of who and how to approach potential sponsors.

You may choose to opt-out of soliciting sponsors by paying a fee of $100. This will be included in your application process and fee.


Images and Text

You will be asked to provide an image of your art and text for the brochure and website. The deadline for these submissions is July 9. Specific instructions about these submissions will be sent out as an Image Request Form to all confirmed participants. Late submissions will be charged a $25 penalty.

Preview Gallery

The Preview Gallery provides an opportunity for visitors to see an example of each artist’s work during the weekend of the Tour. Many of our customers make their decisions about which studios to visit based on what they see in the Gallery. Our location this year will be the Eldorado Community Center.

The Gallery will open on Friday evening, October 22, and be open during Tour hours over the weekend. We hope to be able to sell items directly from the Gallery as we did last year.

Artists will need to drop off their artwork for the Gallery on Wednesday, October 20 during to-be-determined hours. Further instructions on sizes, quantities, and labeling of Gallery artwork will be coming later in the summer. Artwork will need to be picked up on Monday during specific hours to be determined.

Community Donations

The EACA has a long tradition of giving back to the Eldorado community through donating a portion of our sales from the Studio Tour. This is voluntary, not a requirement. The suggested amount is 5% of your sales up to a maximum of $75.

Our funds have in the past gone to support the Fire Department, the Library, arts programs at the Eldorado School, the Senior Center, and 285 Recycles. Please bring your contribution as cash or a check when you pick up your art from the Preview Gallery on Monday.



TIMELINE: Important Dates and Times for the Tour

June 4                      Applications open online (Only online applications accepted). 

June 25                    Last date for applications and fees

                                 Last date for drop-out with full refund

July 2                        Last date for late applications (with penalty). None accepted after this date!

July 9                        Images for brochure and website due. See IMAGE REQUEST FORM.

July 12-16*              First meeting for new participants

July 12-16*              General planning meeting - all participants

July 16                     Last date for drop-out with penalty

August 13               Sponsorship listings and monies due. See SPONSORSHIP FORM/GUIDELINES 

Sept 20-24*            Second Tour meeting for New Participants 

                                 All participants pick up materials, flats, etc.

October 20            Drop off artwork for Preview Gallery

October 22            Gallery Opening reception

October 23-24      Studios open 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

                                Preview Gallery open

October 25            Pick up art from Preview Gallery

                                Drop off flags, banners

                                Bring charitable donation

* Indicates events for which location and exact date has not been finalized



The tour communication person will send emails as necessary to tour participants. These emails could be in reference to deadlines and information that is needed to successfully complete the brochure, sponsors' information another communication for a successful tour.


Members of this committee take batches of brochures and distribute them to restaurants, galleries, public buildings, etc. throughout the region. This happens the week prior to the studio tour.


The EACA Treasurer process all incoming applications and maintains the participants and email distribution lists. all sponsorship forms and incoming sponsor information is tracked. In addition, all deposits and payment of invoices related to the tour are handled. The treasurer also assures that all state, federal taxes, insurance and tax requirements are met by the association to support the tour.


The Flags and Banners Committee is responsible for erecting and taking down the banners at the Eldorado entrances along with installing flag holder pipes for participating artists that do not have them. They committee is in charge of the distribution and collecting  of flags when the artists collect and return them. Providing information to the artists about the process is another function of the committee and this committee has the added responsibility of taking care of the 

Underwriter Banner at the Preview Gallery.


The Preview Gallery Sitter Committee is responsible for making sure that there are adequate volunteers to fill the roster for both days of the Studio Tour. Committee co-chairs contact possible volunteers to fill the roster for both days of the Studio Tour, giving them a choice of either Saturday or Sunday (or both days) and choice of a 2 hour time slot. There are two gallery sitters for each room or rooms. Once volunteers have been recruited, the committee co-chairs provide a brief training to familiarize sitters with the procedures: how to help visitors contact the artists to make a purchase, options for conducting such purchases, answering FAQs, providing copies of the tour brochure if needed, and ensuring the protection of the artwork in the gallery. These procedures are explained in a manual, there is a copy of the manual in the gallery for the volunteer's reference.


The New Participants Committee welcomes, educates, and mentors new participants to the studio tour. The two major responsibilities of the committee are the New Participants Meetings and follow up with new participants to answer questions and assist in problem solving.


The Preview Gallery Committee is responsible for the set up and tear down of the Preview Gallery. The Gallery is set up on Thursday before the tour weekend and includes a sample of work from each participating artist in the tour. Each artist brings a sample of one piece of work Thursday from ????? time frame needed The committee checks in the art work and hangs or displays each piece in the designated Gallery space. Members of the committee work all day (?) on Friday  (generally 8-4 approximately) creating a cohesive gallery exhibit. The Preview Gallery opens Friday evening to the public and is available until the close of the Studio Tour on Sunday. Committee members return Sunday evening to manage the artists picking up their work and clean up the gallery space. This usually takes no more than 2 hours.


The Publicity Committee is responsible for advertising the Studio Tour in print media (newspapers and magazines), online and social media (calendar, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), television, and radio.The amount of money collected from sponsors determines the advertising budget for teach year. The Publicity Committee also oversees the design, production, and mailing of the Studio Tour brochure as well as overseeing the Studio Tour information on the EACA website.


Preview Gallery Reception Committee organizes the reception and arranges for the food and drink refreshments. The committee works with 'in kind' sponsorship donations to prepare a buffet for the opening reception on Friday evening. Reception Committee members assist with the refreshment trays, set-up/clean-up of the event, hosting and refilling of trays at the reception.


Directional signs are the repurposed 'Open House' signs used by relators and painted 'Studio Tour' orange. Magnetic numbers are placed on the signs with an arrow directing visitors to clusters of studios. For example, a sign at the intersection of Avenida Vista Grande and Compadres might show the numbers 23-28 with arrows pointing to the north, 

and also 32-40 with an arrow pointing to the south. The purpose of the directional signs is to prevent each studio from placing its own number at these intersections and thus creating a confusing eyesore of individual sings at intersections.

The committee requires 4-6 people who can follow written instructions and use a vehicle to place the signs on the mornings of Saturday and Sunday of the Studio Tour and bring the signs in each evening. In the past, we have placed 14-16 signs at pre-selected intersections , so each member would be responsible to place 3-4 signs. Most committee 


The Signs and Numbers Committee is responsible for maintaining and distributing the number of placards for the artist's studio locations. The numbers are given out to the artists the day before the tour begins (when artists drop off work for the Preview Gallery) and collected back when artists pick up their work the evening the tour ends. The committee also maintains the Preview Gallery signage and sets them out and retrieves on the roads directing traffic to the Max Coll Community Center.


 If you must mail at any time our address is:


7 Ave. Vista Grande Suite B-7 PMB #261

Santa Fe, NM 87508