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Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association (EACA) general membership meetings are held at the Eldorado Community Center Classroom and are open to all EACA members. Meetings are generally held on the last Thursday of the month six to seven times a year at 7:00pm. They are informative, social and educational, many times featuring an artist’s work and techniques. Meetings are publicized a month in advance in the newsletter.

Shop Talk

Shop Talk is our educational event for members. It is usually held on a Wednesday morning five to six times a year. The programs reflect the broad interests and talents of our members. Besides visiting the studios of members and hearing a talk about their process we have also visited museums, local art exhibits, the backstage tour of Santa Fe Opera, and more. Dates and times are announced in the newsletter.

Our next Shop Talk event will take place on Tuesday November 12th, 2019. We will be visiting the annual exhibition of works by the Santa Fe Book Arts Group, which is held in the Capitol Rotunda gallery in Santa Fe. This exhibit has proved to be a big hit in the past. More details will follow in the upcoming EACA newsletter.

CLICK HERE to view Shop Talk artists!

Life Drawing - Due to COVID Life Drawing classes are on hiatus. We will update this page if/when the classes resume.

EACA sponsors a drop-in life drawing session that is open to all for a fee per session. The Life Drawing Group meets every other Monday morning in the Railroad Room at the ECIA Community Center. We start promptly at 10:00 and the fee is $10 for two hours. Space is limited to the first twelve people to arrive.

  • Most people draw in pencil, charcoal or watercolor.  No solvents are allowed.

  • Everyone gets two chairs – one for seating and one to support your paper or board or whatever.

  • Our models are unclothed for the most part and are experienced models.

  • This is not a class – in that no instruction is given, more a group of people who enjoy drawing the figure from live models.

  • No RSVP is required.

  • Poses range from 2 to 30 minutes.

  • No food and no photographs.

  • No easels or supplies are provided

To receive more information and e-mail notification of sessions, please contact Mavis Murphy for more information.


EACA members receive an electronic newsletter with information about upcoming meetings, events and opportunities. We also share news submitted from our members regarding their exhibits, shows, awards, and honors. Supporting the efforts of our fellow members is an important part of our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer-run organizations there are always opportunities for members to get involved. Volunteering with the EACA is a great way to get to know other artists in the Eldorado community while having a fun and rewarding experience. Please contact us at eldoradoarts@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

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