Image and Text Submission Guidelines

See Past Brochure for Image and Text Example.

Deadline January 27, 2020

Send all images and text to:

Each artist must submit at least one digital image of representative artwork. Please carefully read and follow these instructions to prepare your digital files for the 2020 Tour brochure, website and press submissions. One piece of work for each artist will be shown in the brochure. This image will be a 2” square. This same image will be used on the website for your primary genre, in square format. You can show your whole piece within this square or you can do a creative crop of a detail of the piece. If you don’t submit in a square format, the committee will crop your image to the necessary specifications. We recommend 3D artists (jewelry, ceramics etc.) use plain backgrounds and limit the number of pieces included in your shot – this results in better imagery for the brochure.


  1. You are required to submit 1 image (in square format) for use in both the brochure and website. If your artwork is elongated make sure you include enough background to fit the desired image within a square setting.

  2. You may submit a second square image for the website if you have work in two genres.

  3. You have the option to submit an additional image in square, vertical or horizontal

format for possible use in press release materials. We’re primarily looking for photos of artists at work in studios, or another artwork image. Any images of high quality that you submit may be used at the discretion of the Publicity team in promotional materials.

For those that need professional service for photography of your artwork and digital file preparation, here’s a list of qualified art photographers. Make your own arrangements.

Andrea Sharon                                  505-577-5263

John Baker                          505-982-9875

Josh Weybright                             505-473-1120

For those needing help in choosing your best image for web and brochure display Janet O'Neal offers image consultation services. 505-466-4251


Important Note: If you are not able to size your file correctly as described below, please send your file in the largest possible sized we will re-size it for you, including cropping the image for the brochure if necessary.​


1.  Brochure and Website Images

On the Website, you can show work in up to two different genres. Available genres are:


Ceramics/Clay                                             Jewelry                              Recycled Art                 

Digital Art                                                   Mixed Media                     Sculpture

Drawing/Printmaking/Paper                     Painting                             Wearable Art

Fiber Art                                                      Photography                     Wood                     Glass

Brochure / Website Digital File Requirements:

JPG file format, at least 7” square, at 300 dpi

  • If image is non-square it will be cropped to square from it’s center point

  • Title the Brochure JPG with your name (last name, first name), underscore, then genre choice, underscore, then “brochure,” as follows:

(1) LNameFName_genre_brochure.jpg
      e.g.    SmithFred_jewelry_brochure.jpg

  • If you have a second genre label the same but do not include ‘brochure,” as follows:

(2) LNameFName_genre.jpg

      e.g.   SmithFred_glass.jpg

2.  Promotional (or artist at work Image)

Your Brochure/Web image(s) submitted as above may be used in promotional materials, But you also have the option to submit an additional image in square, vertical or horizontal rectangular format, preferably showing you at work, for promotional purposes.

Promotional Digital File Requirements:

  • JPG file format, at least 7” on shortest side, at 300 dpi

  • Title the Promotional JPG with your name (last name, first name), underscore, then

  • Promo, as follows:

(3) LNameFName_Promo.jpg

      e.g. SmithFred_Promo.jpg

Required Text for Brochure and Web: Include an email message with the following:

  • Your name as you want it in the brochure and on the web.

  • Up to 2 lines of 25 characters per line (including spaces) to creatively describe your work in the brochure (be sure to double check your character count and make it interesting). We may edit if it doesn’t fit.

example: “Luminous Glass Landscapes and Unique Glass Jewelry”

  • Phone number where you can be reached during Tour.

  • One of the following: website address; or blog address; or email address.


Note: We would prefer you use a new image and text but if you choose to use last year’s picture and or text, please send an email to that effect to


Send all digital files to: Images sent to any other email address will not be accepted. Include your text information in that email.

Please note: Some email programs like AOL, Yahoo and some Mac email programs will automatically downsize image files when they are mailed. If you are not sure about your own email program, please upload the files at or other file transfer site and send them that way along with your text information.

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