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EACA Executive Board



ARTICLE 1.   ORGANIZATION   The Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association (hereinafter referred to as EACA) shall function under the laws of the State of New Mexico and pertinent rules and regulations issued by the State.

ARTICLE 2.   PURPOSE   The mission of the EACA is to provide information and support to the artists and to promote the arts in the community.

ARTICLE 3.   MEMBERSHIP  Membership in the EACA is open to anyone interested in the arts.  

ARTICLE 4.  OFFICERS   EACA “officers” shall be known as The Board.  The Board shall consist of an elected Executive Board and appointed Committee Chairs. 

  1. Executive Board.  The elected members shall be known as the Executive Board and shall be designated as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Coordinator.  The elected members shall be elected annually, at a general meeting of the EACA and shall serve a period of one year.  Executive Board members shall receive no salary and must be current members of the EACA.

    1. President shall preside at Board meetings, recruit new Committee Chairs as needed to be approved by the board, shall appoint a nominating committee for board candidates, and shall oversee all activities of the association.

    2. Vice President shall assist the President and preside at board meetings if the President is not in attendance.  The Vice President shall be responsible for the programs for the General Membership meetings.

    3. Secretary shall keep minutes of the Board meetings and conduct official correspondence of the EACA.

    4. Treasurer shall receive, disburse and manage monies for the EACA.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing and presenting the annual financial report.

    5. Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for all official distribution of communications to the general membership, including the newsletter and show and tour applications. The Communications Coordinator is also responsible for the maintenance of the membership list.

  2. Committee Chairs.  The President shall recruit new Committee Chairs as needed to be approved by the Executive Board.   The Committee Chairs shall be Studio Tour Chair(s), Fall Show Chair(s), Shop Talk Chair, and At-Large Chair.  Other temporary or permanent chairs may be created as deemed necessary by The Board.


  1. General Membership Meetings.   There shall be one business meeting of the EACA in January or as designated by The Board for the purpose of electing new Executive Board members, presenting an annual financial report and such other business as deemed appropriate by The Board.  In addition, General Membership meetings shall be scheduled by The Board.  On occasion, The Board may decide to omit a General Membership meeting if it will conflict with another EACA function such as the Studio Tour, Fall Show or if attendance is expected to be too low around holiday seasons.  A quorum is simply those present at any meeting where a vote is taken.

  2. Board Meetings.  Board meetings shall be scheduled by The Board as necessary.  In general, an agenda item for the meeting shall be to determine the date and time of the next Board Meeting.  A quorum for a Board Meeting must include at least two members of the Executive Board and at least two Committee Chairs.  On voting matters each Executive Board member in attendance gets one vote and each Committee of The Board gets one vote.  If there are multiple Committee Chairs of the same Committee in attendance, there will be just one vote that counts for that Committee.

  3. Potluck dinners.   Potluck dinners shall be scheduled by The Board, as deemed appropriate.

ARTICLE 6.  DUES   Annual dues shall be paid by members prior to their participation in either the Studio Tour or Fall Show.  A vote at a General Membership meeting by members in good standing shall be taken to ratify any change in dues.

ARTICLE 7.  FINANCES  All moneys collected and expended shall be managed by the Treasurer under the direction of The Board and reported annually.  The EACA fiscal year is January 1 to December 31.


  1. PERSONAL LIABILITY  No Board member or active or inactive member shall be held personally liable for any debts of the EACA