2021 Studio Tour Member Survey

Please complete and return by November 19

"All important decision must be made on the basis of insufficient data." - Sheldon Kopp

As we consider plans for 2021, the pandemic is still with us and the future is uncertain regarding its duration and spread. The EACA Board is considering ways in which the association can be most useful to members. The Board will be having Zoom meetings every month for the near future, rather than every other month, and we need your thoughts to help make decisions.

This survey will ask about several aspects of our organization: our meetings, our website, our social media presence, and the Studio Tour.


The EACA Board appreciates your time responding to these survey questions and we appreciate any and all comments.

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Programs, Meetings, Website, and Facebook

Participation in a Zoom general meetingNot InterestedBordering on Not InterestedNot Sure - Need More InformationSomewhat InterestedDefinitely InterestedParticipation in a Zoom general meeting
Presenting a program at a Zoom General MeetingNot InterestedBordering on Not InterestedNot Sure- Need more informationSomewhat InterestedDefinitely InterestedPresenting a program at a Zoom General Meeting
Participating in a Zoom Shop TalkNot InterestedBordering on Not InterestedNot Sure- Need More InformationSomewhat InterestedDefinitely InterestedParticipating in a Zoom Shop Talk

Zoom Events Survey Questions


How Often do you visit the EACA Website?Website? What Website?RarelyOnce a MonthOnce a WeekOften (Several Times a Week)How Often do you visit the EACA Website?

Website Survey Questions

Which Website Topics do you look for- choose all that apply
Presenting a Zoom Shop TalkNot InterestedBordering on Not InterestedNot Sure - Need More InformationSomewhat InterestedDefinitley InterestedPresenting a Zoom Shop Talk

Facebook Survey Questions

How Often do you check the EACA Facebook PageEACA Has a Facebook Page?RarelyOnce a MonthOnce a WeekOften (Several Times a Week)How Often do you check the EACA Facebook Page
Do you post your work on the EACA Facebook Page?

Studio Tour Survey Questions

We have choices facing us about whether or not to have the tour, what for it should take and when it should be scheduled. Within each these categories are other choices. We will have to make these decision by late February so that we know whether to order our print advertising. We will probably be making these decision without clear information about where the pandemic will be in May

There are two basic types of tours that we might have. The first is our regular in-studio tour, with appropriate procedures to accommodate the pandemic. The second is a virtual studio tour, which would be an online event. Each artist would be featured on our website, along with a link to the artist's own website or online store. All sales would take place within individual artists' websites. If you'd like to see some examples of virtual tours, check out these sites: dixonarts.org, nhcrafts.org, herbsterstudioarttour.com.

In addition to the type of tour, we have choices about when to have the tour. Our traditional weekend would be May 15-16. It's been suggested that we move the date up so that it is before Mother's Day. In 2021 will be May 9, which would move the tour to May 1-2. Another suggestion is to postpone the tour until next fall.

Studio Tour/Virtual Tour Options

In-Studio Tour, May 15-16
In-Studio Tour, May 1-2
In-Studio Tour in the Fall
In-Studio Tour: Increase to a 3 day show (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Virtual Tour May 15-16
Virtual Tour May 1-2
Virtual Tour in the Fall

Managing an In-Studio Tour COVID Precautions

If we have an in-Studio tour while the COVID pandemic is still with us, we will of course follow state requirements. Even if the state did not require them, how important would the following practices be to you:

Cancel Preview Gallery Opening Reception
Limiting number of visitors at any given time
Have on-the-spot COVID tests if available
Having your show outdoors
All studios offer sanitizer
All studios require masks
No finger food, only individually packaged
For required meetings: Sanitizer available
For required meetings: Zoom meetings when ever possible
For required meetings: social distancing and masks

Managing a Virtual Tour

I am likely to participate in a virtual show
I do/will have a working website before May 2021
I need help settng up a website
I can help others set up a website
I am considering combining the virtual tour with by-appointment studio visits

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