Janet O'Neal has been seriously working in art since 1986. She began as a water color painter and has branched into an artist with a mastery that spans more than half a dozen genre. For the 2015 studio tour she classified herself as working in photography and mixed media. In reality the “mix” of her media includes printmaking, clay and resin sculpture, collage, photography, painting, recycled art, and combinations of all of the above. She felt a love and connection to color as a child, and this love continues to shine through in all of her art.

Janet started out to pursue a career in law.  She got a degree in criminal justice and even worked for a time as police officer. She found little satisfaction in the path she was on and decided to become involved with art. Janet studied art for two years at the University of North Carolina . She also studied under a number of  well known artists including Rudy Pozzatti, Glen Bradshaw, Maxine Masterfield, Carole Barnes.

Janet set up a studio in Florida, and became commercially successful but she felt the need for a more open, spiritual, environment. She chose Santa Fe, moved here, and again, built a studio and began working.  Her art began to evolve into more three dimensional, mixed media . She attributes some of this change in direction to a  trip to local antique stores in Oklahoma City. Whatever the reason, her mixed media art now has a level of refinement and sophistication that easily places it in the "fine art" realm.

Janet is a well established artist. She sells in shows and exhibitions throughout the United States. Keeping creatively active is as important to her as producing sales. She feels blessed to be able to create beauty. Her hope is that, her art changes the world a little bit for the better. The creative aspect of her work is tied closely to her spiritual and personal growth. She has an altar set up in here studio with pictures of spiritual leaders she admires and spends time in quiet meditation. At this point in her life, Janet feels a need to give something back to the art community. She holds classes to share her knowledge and hopes that she is able to help people move in new directions.

 Janet O' Neal  Featured artist October 2015

The Artist…

The Studio…

Janet  plans to begin a series of prints.

Homage to spiritual leaders

Resin and mixed media pieces


Here are several pieces that Janet chose to illustrate  the  variety of art she is involved in. To see a larger selection of her work, visit her web site  www.janetoneal.com.

Mixed media assemblage  & Collage Cubes

Sculpture …

Mixed Media and cast  resin on wood

Wall Art…

Mixed Media sculptures